To Speak with Dragons

Leaving Omark


The characters decided to head to Dressik by land. Drolk and Cayden purchased war-trained light horses (Drolk getting an excellent horse) and Marcus purchased a carriage and horse and hired a driver/servant, a Dwarf named Bronzer.

The first several days of travel were uneventful but on the afternoon of the fourth day Cayden scouted ahead (mostly to avoid listening to Bronzer’s chatter) and found a place in the road where the tracks had been wiped out.

While the group were look in around, a large mound of rocks stood up to reveal a large, bipedal beast with a single eye, long tongue, and rocks along its back, the back of its arms, and legs. From under the rock creature came three goblins who charged down the road to where Bronzer and the cart had stayed (to avoid combat) and the stone beast charged towards Cayden.

The beast missed its first punch and Cayden layed in with shield and hammer. Marcus began to down the charging goblins with his short bow and Drolk summoned a small earth elemental to flank the stone beast.

The beast was eventually killed and Marcus and Drolk finished off the goblins. When Marcus investigated where the beast was hunkered down, he found a pit that had the remains of a halfling courier and riding dog. Mixed in with the remains were a still sealed messenger pouch address to a place in Dressik.

The group moved down the road and camped for the night.



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